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Helpful Information 

How we deliver our online classes:

  • We use WebEx by Cisco
  • Webex is the world standard for remote desktop training
  • We use Webex because:
    • We record all live training classes and the video is HIGH DEFINITION
    • Webex comes with its own video player
      • your tutorial video plays on any computer
      • there’s no compatibility issues
  • After you enroll we will send you a Webex invitation via email
    • 2 minutes before your scheduled class, just click the join button on your invitation
    • Call in on the phone number that pops up so we can record your questions and your comments on your tutorial video


All Classes Are Recorded

  • Your live training classes will be recorded, archived, and available for free download


We accommodate your schedule

  • Tell us the days and times you have available and we’ll schedule your classes with one of our instructors that have that time available